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2017 Easter Events

On Easter Sunday, April 16th 2017 at 10.00 am

CnSN's 1916 Easter Commemoration will be held at the grave of faithful Irish Republican, and unrepentant Fenian, Séamus Ó Dubhda (James Dowd) in St John's Cemetery, Middle Village, NY Queens NY. Grave location: Section 043, Row: A, Plot 027, Grave: 013

Refreshments will be served after the commemoration.


On Sunday April 23rd. 2017

(The closest Sunday to the actual date of the 1916 Easter Rising) CnSN will commence their 2017 combined Easter Commemoration & Flannery Testimonial commemoration at the grave of CnSN co-founder and Joe Stynes in Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx at 10.00am. The Grave location: Rose Hill Plot, North Border Rd., corner of Elder Ave. If you would like directions inside the cemetery, email Jane at enrightnyc@gmail.com

A special tribute to Fenian Leader Col. Thomas Kelly will be held at his graveside close by, immediately after the above ceremony at Joe Stynes' grave. Following this ceremony, we will proceed to Rory Dolans to complete the events for the day

The Awards program and the rest of the Clár will take place at Rory Dolans Restaurant, 890 Mc Lean Ave., Yonkers, NY 10704

The 22nd Annual Michael Flannery Testimonial Awards Luncheon:
Honored Guest:

Mary Ward (Cumann na mBan and Republican Sınn Féın, Ireland

The 2017 Honorees:

Jane Enright (NY) Michael and Pearl Flannery Spirit of Freedom Award

Mike Costello (NJ) Thomas Clarke (Tomás Ó Cléırıgh) Centenary Award

To be announced Pádraıg Pearse (Pádraıg Mac Pıaraıs) Centenary Award

An tǺr Mór (un thawr more)

A book on the Irish Holocaust 1840 1850 by Chris Fogarty will have its' New York launch at this event. The author Chris Fogarty, of Chicago will be present and will sign copies of his book

The Women of the 1916 Easter Rising will be the theme for the 2017 Combined events

It has been a policy for CnSN to recognize and publicize the critical role of women activists in the past and in the present difficult climate for Irish freedom supporters.

Unfortunately, the male dominated narrative has basically airbrushed the roles of the 200 hundred or so women who served in various garrisons around Ireland during the Rising of 1916.

To help balance the scale of justice, the unique and successful Reading of The Names program initiated by CnSN at Easter Rising Centenary commemoration in 2016, will in 2017, feature the names of The Women of 1916 Rising and once again everyone in attendance will be able to pay their personal tribute publicly to the great women and help restore their rightful place at the pinnacle of Irish resistance to British rule in Ireland.

An ad journal will be produced to mark the event.

For further information please contact Janine at 732 771 6897 or email, jce528@hotmail.com

We recommend The Fenian Graves.net project for further study on the women's historic roles in the service of Irish freedom

Website: www. irishfreedom.net --  email: nifcmem@optonline.net

 For event tickets click on the following link http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/232298992259?

Comóradh An Chéad Dáil Éireann, Faisnéis Neamhspleadhchuis

January 21 1919


It was 98 years ago this month that the Irish National Assembly, Dáil Éireann met for the first time and declared Irish Independence.
This followed the watershed General Election of December 1918, the first held that gave women limited franchise. That election gave supporters of Irish Independence overwhelming victory at the polls. Invitations were sent to all elected members for the 32 counties of Ireland and at that first session, Dáil Éireann pledged to adhere the principles of Liberty, Equality and Justice for all the people of Ireland and to follow the mandate of the 1916 Proclamation to "cherish all the children of the nation equally." The first member of a national assembly in Western Europe, Countess Markievicz, was elected and served in the Cabinet of that first democratically elected Irish Government. Women were present and active in all aspects of the national movement for freedom. The British "banned" the democratically elected Government of Ireland, thus ensuring decades of conflict. And the truncated Free State government set up at the British insistence betrayed the sacrifices made by the women of Ireland in the struggle for freedom by restricting their rights as soon as the Free State took power.
Especially at this time in our history, when we see greed, bigotry , self interest and sexism in the ascendancy, we pay tribute to those brave men and women who selflessly sacrificed so much to establish and to defend the Irish Republic, and pledge ourselves to Eire Nua, a vision of an All Ireland Republic that honors and respects the rights and dignity all its citizens, men and women, and those of all background and faiths .

Contributor:  Tomas Abernethy

“A million dead. A million fled” is Mr. Nicholson’s lead falsehood promoting yet another “Irish Famine” book (Irish Echo, Mar. 16 – 22, page 20).

Is it still too soon to publicize the truth about Ireland’s Holocaust; now, 171 years after its start? It was no “famine” but a genocide perpetrated by more than half of Britain’s then-empire army. Ireland’s abundant food crops were removed at gunpoint by sixty-seven of Britain’s total army of 130 regiments. They marched Ireland's crops to the nearest port for export to England and world markets, thus murdering some five million innocents. It is shocking that The Irish Echo would allocate a full page to a promotion of the old falsehood. The offending book claims to be taking the Irish side; so did Tony Blair in 1997 when his “apology to the Irish” was read by Irish actor Gabriel Byrne at the Millstreet, Co. Cork "famine" commemoration. Blair "apologized" that Britain was “standing by” while Ireland starved. Deploying sixty-seven army regiments to remove Ireland’s food crops is not “standing by.” The perpetration of genocide is action; not “standing by.” Also, the failure of one crop among many is a setback, not life-threatening. 
“Irish famine” slanders the murdered starvelings and conceals genocide. It suggests, falsely, that “they fell into a lethal rap of their own making by growing only one failure-prone crop.” The genocidal robbery of Ireland's food crops was “legal;” English landlords then claimed ownership of some 90% of Irish land and practically all produced thereon. The constabulary (Britain’s eyes and ears in Ireland) were the first line of removal. When the producers resisted, the constabulary notified the county militia (landlords’ private army). When combined forces met resistance they summoned the nearest British army garrison. The three forces combined never failed to extract the food crops. Ireland’s hundreds of identified mass graves constitute silent testimony to the effect of the food removal. The landlords are long-gone; bought out and repatriated to England; nearly all between 1900 and 1910. 
It is distressing that The Irish Echo would publish Mr. Nicholson’s blatant cover-up. He misrepresents the writings of Liam Flaherty and Walter Macken who quite explicitly detailed the core fact that Nicholson conceals; the food removal by the British army. If we expect to ever end genocide as government policy we must expose genocide, not continue to conceal it.The facts are available since 1995 in my “Mass Graves of Ireland; 1845-1850” pamphlet that was also distributed to 15,000 attendees of the Millstreet event mentioned above. My www.irishholocaust.org expands on the pamphlet. Click repeatedly on its map to see which regiment starved your relatives.  
While “famine” writers soon abandoned some 90% of their falsehoods (e.g.; “no food was exported while Ireland starved”), they started a new one: “It was the rich Irish starving the poor Irish.” So I compiled “the definitive study;” a book that just had its third printing (2nd Dublin one). Its data are from incontrovertible sources; Britain’s National Archives, Parliamentary Papers, Ordnance Survey of Ireland, etc. Its title; “Ireland 1845-1850; the Perfect Holocaust, and Who Kept it ‘Perfect’.” All proceeds go toward installation of memorials over Holocaust mass graves in Ireland. ("Holocaust" from written records starting in 1847.) E-Book later this year. 

Christopher Fogarty