Uair Amháin - Fadó Fadó,

Uair Amháin - Fadó Fadó,
On a little farm near Carraroe,
Lived buachaill maith named Micheál Mór,
An only son of thirty-four.

When work was done at end of day,
He'd settle down with cupán tae,
And seldom felt the call to stroll,
Or spend the evening time ag ól.
His intellectual needs were drawn
From books like Peig and Iosagáin.

And so it was - bliain in - bliain out,
Our Micheál hadn't moved about.
He dreamt of cailíns -most men do, 
But never sinned - an dtuigeann tú?

Meantime - up in Átha Cliath,
A cailín deas had a bright idea:
When leathanta saóire time came by,
decided she would like to try
Áit beag ciúin like Carraroe
(No foreign food; not far to go.)
And there to meet the native clann
Agus b'fheidir find herself a man!

This cailín deas with eyes so blue
Was known in town as City Sue,                       
The lusty buachaillí came crawlin', 
And all agreed she was go h-álainn!
She left her men in state of shock,    
O Micheál Mór – bí curamach!
This Scarlet Woman knows each trick,
She's heading West - Beware a mhic!
 The lights shone in the Parish Hall,
For the local Fáinne Wearers Ball.
Bhí Micheál ann - bhí Susie ann
Dressed in a most revealing gown!

Our brave Cúchulainnn of the West
(His hurling medals across his chest)
Exclaimed - when City Sue came in -
"In aim Dé - well - féic ar sin!"
Though nervous, still, he took a chance:
"Céad mile fáilte - will you dance?"
Go luath, on the floor they strut,
cheek to cheek - from head to foot!

Sue whispered into Micheál's ear:
"Éist liom now - let's disappear.
We'll use my place - the door's unlocked,
You'll stay the night - somra a h-ocot!"

Chríost! Micheál’s cheann was in a spin -
Ni raibh sé thinking thoughts mar sin!
He blessed himself... this Jezzebell
Would surely damn his soul to hell!
He stood aghast - could hardly stutter,
So off he bolted - ar a rothar.
And straight abháile - into bed,
Decades of the rosary said

Micheál Mór still sleeps alone,
In his leaba beag - Ochón, Ochón.
He often dreams of seomhra a h-ocot:
WHAT MIGHT HAVE BEEN - O Micheál Bocht!!!!

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